5th Annual VMHS Eagles Swimraiser 2021
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5th Annual VMHS Eagles Swimraiser 2021

VMHS Swimming and Diving team will host its 5th annual swim raiser! The team will swim for one hour in exchange for monetary donations.

All of the proceeds will benefit Colin's Hope. 

Our event will be held from 4 - 6 p.m., Tuesday May 25, 2021 at the CC Natatorium, 3202 Cabaniss. (Swimming will start at 4:30 p.m.)

The Eagles host this event every year to stress to everyone how important it is to watch children around all kinds of water- swimming pools, bathtubs, beaches, and even buckets to prevent them from drowning.  

Did you know that drowning is the No. 1 cause of accidental death for children under 5 and a leading cause for ages 1-15?

Last year, Texas lost 81 children to fatal drowning, while an estimated 5-7x as many children survived a non-fatal drowning.

This year, Texas has already lost at least 16 children to fatal PREVENTABLE drowning.

  The team will swim laps and will distribute water safety education materials to parents and caregivers.

They will also read the book Colin & Friends WAIT FOR A GROWNUP to younger children to teach them how to be safer around water.

 We will swim the laps. We ask you to support us with a donation.

Please donate and help us raise money that will save lives. Each and every dollar counts.

Our goal is to raise at least $3,000. 

Each swimmer is encouraged to raise $100. There will be a Top Pledgeraiser prize and a prize for the swimmer who gathers the most donations.

(Deadline for award is noon on event day.)

To get the word out for our cause, please share the Colin's Hope page on Facebook and share this link with your family and friends to make a donation. Thank you very much!

 Make every day the BEST DAY EVER! 

ABOUT 2020 Athlete Ambassador Campaign

Colin’s Hope Athlete Ambassadors from around the country participate in walks, marathons, triathlons, swims and any other athletic activity they choose in the name of drowning prevention. As a Colin’s Hope Athlete Ambassador you will receive a free pledge page that you can customize to your liking. Simply email all your friends, family and co-workers with your personal pledge link asking for their support as you participate in your sport and we work together to eliminate childhood drowning.

Colin’s Hope Athlete Ambassadors that raise more than $25 will receive a Colin’s Hope Athlete Ambassador swag item. 100% of the proceeds received from your pledge drive will go towards Colin’s Hope’s mission of water safety and preventing children from drowning.

Name Date Amount Comments
Robin E. Bennett 09/16/2021 $50.00 In Memory of Juan Rivera
Randall and Robin Schawe 06/01/2021 $250.00  
Ray Texan Swim & Dive Booster 06/01/2021 $200.00  
Christopher and Selena Ryza 06/01/2021 $200.00  
Molli Martinez 06/01/2021 $100.00  
Robert and Mary Elizabeth Saenz 06/01/2021 $25.00  
HEB Services 06/01/2021 $180.00  
Nkechi Mba 05/25/2021 $200.00 Good luck, Dabie. We are cheering you on!!
Anonymous Friend 05/25/2021 $100.00 Dabie, swim swim swim!!!
Ryan DeLeon 05/25/2021 $51.80 Go Kyle DeLeon! Swimming for a good cause. Proud of you, Buddy
Cindy Davis 05/25/2021 $31.20 For Jacee Dammeier from Grandma
Dee Hargis 05/25/2021 $100.00 my vision is to see 100% of our Corpus Christi children water safe.
Nathaniel Crosson 05/25/2021 $5.00 Prayers to all the families of the victims we are swimming in memory of today.
Monica Barrera 05/25/2021 $50.00 In memory of my dear friend, Jana Holst’s beautiful boy, Colin. And way to go VMHS swimmers.
Joy Eichorst 05/24/2021 $103.30 Kyle Deleon, thank you for swimming in memory of Ace! ?
Yvette Ramos 05/24/2021 $51.80 We are cheering on Michaela Dickson and are happy to support this cause.
Gracen Senterfitt 05/24/2021 $90.00 I guess I have to swim tomorrow (that’s a joke I’m excited)
Franklin Hamisch 05/24/2021 $110.00 From Merlin & Bitty
Franklin Hamisch 05/24/2021 $110.00 From Merlin & Bitty
Christopher Zapata 05/24/2021 $51.80 Go Andrew
Patricia Eichorst 05/24/2021 $51.80 For Kyle DeLeon VMHS Eagles in memory of Ace Forner
Gracen Senterfitt 05/24/2021 $45.00  
Karen Polasek 05/24/2021 $100.00 For Catie. Good luck!
Brandon Hamisch 05/24/2021 $70.00 For Andrew Zapata and Jaycee Dammeier. Good luck
Mindy Eichorst 05/24/2021 $25.00 Way to go Kyle DeLeon! Swim, Swim, Swim! Love you!
Mindy Eichorst 05/24/2021 $25.00 Kyle DeLeon, so proud of you, swimming in memory of your Aunt Joy’s brother, Ace Forner.
Michelle DeLeon 05/23/2021 $50.00 For Kyle DeLeon In Memory of his Aunt Joy’s brother Ace
Anna and Alonzo Zapata 05/23/2021 $51.80 Andrew Zapata - In memory of your Grandpa Alonzo Zapata and your Aunt Patricia Puebla!!
Lori Valverde 05/23/2021 $21.65  
Michael Cox 05/22/2021 $50.00 This donation is under Nathaniel Crosson
Anonymous Friend 05/22/2021 $1.34 Nathaniel Crosson
Marie Dickson 05/21/2021 $100.00  
Aislinn Noltie 05/20/2021 $50.00  
Dustin & Jenna Dammeier 05/20/2021 $54.13 Go Jacee!
Kelly Pool 05/20/2021 $16.24 From Wesleigh, Ethan, and Grayson Pool. Supporting Nathaniel Crosson
Alejandro Reyes 05/19/2021 $60.00 Nathaniel Crosson
Tarl Hamisch 05/17/2021 $103.30 For Catie Hamisch
Stephanie Hyde 05/17/2021 $108.25 Way to go, Catie!! Crush those laps!
Brylea Hyde 05/17/2021 $20.00  
Lucas Hyde 05/17/2021 $20.00  
Anissa Hernandez 05/11/2021 $26.06 Marcus, Adan, Carissa, and Ian will be swimming in honor of our friends Colin Holst, Chris Gregoire, Kenyatta Duckworth, and Je’Sani Smith.
  Total $3,109.47  
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