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As a life-long swimmer and water-lover, I want every child to grow up without experiencing drowning. Then they can become swimmers and lovers of the water too, instead of being afraid of the water or losing their life to drowning. 

Drowning doesn't discriminate - it affects kids from every state, economic status, race, religion, and family type. 

It's also fast and silent. 

The good news is that drowning is PREVENTABLE!

Please join me in supporting Colin's Hope as they provide water safety education and tools for kids 5 and under, and caregivers of kids 5 and under. We are especially excited about our new FREE online curriculum that will be used by thousands (millions??) of schools, camps, parents & grandparents, day cares and others to educate kids about how to stay safer around water. You can check it out at

I encourage you to do three things today:
1. Give generously to this work. Thank you in advance for your donation!
2. Learn the "whole hand rules" that keep kids safer around all kinds of water:
3. Become an undistracted Water Watcher. Take the Water Watcher pledge here:

Your donation dollars and your commitment to educate yourself and your loved ones with Colin's Hope educational materials WILL make a difference.

With your help, someday every parent will teach their toddlers to "wait for a grown-up" before getting into any kind of water, even the bathtub, just like they teach them to hold hands when crossing the street.

Thank you!

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