VMHS 6th Annual Swim Raiser w/CHS
Colin's Hope
VMHS 6th Annual Swim Raiser w/CHS
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Over the last six years, VMHS Swim Team has hosted this swim raiser in memory of Colin and other children who have drowned. They have raised more than $13,000! This year, the Eagles have inspired the Tigers of Carroll High School to begin their efforts in raising awareness to prevent children from drowning.

Join us for VMHS 6th Annual Swim Raiser with CHS:

4:30 p.m.

Tuesday, April 26

CCISD Natatorium 

Swim caps will be given to all participants. Prizes will be given to swimmers with most dollar amount raised and to swimmer with most donators from each school.
Swimmers will swim for an hour for their donations. Pizza will be provided to the swimmers afterwards. 

Thank you!!

ABOUT 2022 Athlete Ambassadors Prevent Drowning
Name Date Amount Comments
Jean Fields 05/03/2022 $25.00 Congratulations boys.
Holly Washer 04/29/2022 $25.00 So proud of you, Jacee!
Jessica Jasso 04/27/2022 $20.91  
Eliberto Hernandez 04/26/2022 $51.80 Pledge in support of Mia Hernandez, Love mom and dad. We are so proud of you! $20 donation from Ms. Lori Perez
Robert Medrano-Falcon 04/26/2022 $70.36 In support of Mia Hernandez!! Sending love from Robert and Randi!?
Lauren Puebla 04/26/2022 $40.00 Supporting Andrew and Jeremy Zapata! From Matthew and Lauren
Rebecca Falcon 04/26/2022 $37.89 Pledge in support for Mia Hernandez. So proud of you! ~ Lots of love, Auntie Becky
Annamarie Falcon-Hernandez 04/26/2022 $21.65 This pledge is in support of Mia Hernandez. Love you bunches! ❤ Annamarie & Rolando
Kimbra Stokley 04/26/2022 $26.06 Go Carissa! Way to go to support and honor Colin’s memory and the good works of Colin’s Hope organization in education of water safety!! BDE!
Stephanie Franco 04/26/2022 $20.91 In support of Andrew and Jeremy Zapata! Love you guys!
Joseph Vasquez 04/26/2022 $20.00 Let’s go Andrew and Jeremy!
Janie Ramos 04/25/2022 $54.13 Pledge in support of Andrew Zapata (VMHS) and Jeremy Zapata (KMS). What a great cause to be participating in. Thank you!
Anna and Alonzo Zapata 04/25/2022 $103.30 Andrew and Jeremy Zapata!!! Love Mom and Dad
Patricia Ramirez 04/25/2022 $26.06 This pledge is in support of Mia Hernandez. Great job Mia!
Robert Medrano 04/25/2022 $20.91 Supporting Mia Hernandez from uncle Robert and aunt Pat.❤️
Jenna and Dustin Dammeier 04/25/2022 $26.06 Helping our daughter, Jacee Dammeier, support a wonderful cause ?
Christopher Zapata 04/25/2022 $41.50 Pledge in support of Andrew and Jeremy Zapata. from what uncle chris.
Robert Rendon 04/25/2022 $26.33  
Nkechi Mba 04/25/2022 $108.25 In support of Dabie and all the swimmers! This is a great cause to support
Brandon Hamisch 04/25/2022 $103.30  
Juanita Alejandro 04/25/2022 $21.65 Way to go, Andrew and Jeremy!
Anissa Hernandez 04/24/2022 $51.80 Carissa Hernandez is swimming in honor of Colin. Carissa swam in the first swim raiser and is now a freshman on the varsity swim team at Carroll High School. Go Carissa!!
Graciela Falcon-Hernandez 04/24/2022 $31.20 Pledge in support of Mia I. Hernandez who swims to honor Collin and all CCISD students lost 2021-22 due to drowning.
Mauri Burk 04/22/2022 $59.54 Supporting Skylar-Grace Barker!
George Garcia 04/22/2022 $10.61  
Micki Gutierrez 04/22/2022 $108.25 In support of Skylar Barker!
Hillary Scheller 04/20/2022 $27.06 In support of Kaleb Heck!
Caleb Stump 04/15/2022 $20.91  
Imelda Luna 04/15/2022 $26.06 Laeni Lopez
Patricia Eichorst 04/07/2022 $26.06 supporting Kyle DeLeon Grandma and Grandpa
Michelle DeLeon 04/06/2022 $25.00  
  Total $1,277.56  
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